The Shipping Module is used for building and managing manifests.

There are three main sections on the Shipping Module

  • Packaged Units
  • Manifest Builder
  • Recent FG Production

Recent FG Production is below the Packaged Units section

Packaged Units

The manifest is built using Packaged Units. To move a packaged unit to the manifest, click the Ship button.

Units consist of 10 parts. Below is a description of what each part represents.

  1. Unit Number
  2. Build date and time
  3. Unit Context Button (Can be Ship, Delete or Un-Ship)
  4. CO and Line Number
  5. Due Date
  6. SKU
  7. Description
  8. Quantity
  10. Comments Save Button

Manifest Builder

Manifest builder is where you can create, edit or view manifests. Clicking New will start a new Manifest entry and Edit/View will allow you to edit/view or print an existing Manifest.

Clicking Edit/View will allow you to search by typing in a Manifest ID. You also have the option to pull up a printable version of the Manifest by clicking Printable Report.

Clicking New will open the manifest Info section allowing you to enter details about the Manifest.

You would Start by picking a date using the date widget.

Then by typing in a customer, selecting a location, and adding any necessary comments.

To move a packaged unit to the manifest, click the Ship button on a packaged Unit. Added Units appear below in the Units section. You will notice the Unit Context Button has changed to Un-Ship which would allow you to remove a Unit.

You can at any time edit the comments on a Unit and click save.

Once you've added the necessary Units, you can now Save or Print the Manifest.

Click Print to bring up the Print Menu.


Note: A manifest can be locked which signifies that its finalized and cannot be edited (without unlocking).

Recent FG Production

This section shows a list of recently produced items. You can manually add a SKU to the list by clicking the Add Sku to List button.

You can easily add an item by typing in (or pasting in the SKU) and typing in the quantity then clicking OK.

Additionally you can click the Details link on an item.

Here you will find additional data about an item.

You also have access to several links:

  1. reduce
  2. Custom Assign

Reduce can be used to reduce the quantity.

Custom Assign Menu allows assignment of a Material.