Apple Mac

Allow ConnectWise Remote Access on a Mac

Click the Apple logo in the top left corner, select System Preferences. Go to Security & Privacy. Select the Privacy tab. Click the Lock button in the bottom left of the settings window to allow making changes. You'll be prompted to enter your password. Under Screen Recording category, check the box next to ConnectWise Control related app(s). Click the Lock icon again to save the changes.

Connecting to Network Share on Apple Mac

Open Self Service application. Under the All category, select the Connect/Reconnect button under the provided network shares. Enter your username and password in the login window and click Connect. You can connect through the left side menu in Finder or the shortcut on the Desktop. Note: You will have to repeat this process in case the network drive disconnects after losing network connectivity or logging off.

Enrolling New Apple Mac Device

On a new MAC. Go to Use your Windows/Email credentials (with in the username). Run the MDM profile installer that you're prompted to download. You will be prompted to go into System Preferences to continue the setup. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner, then select System Preferences. Select Profiles. Click the Install button under the JAMF profile Setting window will show Verified status ...

Setup Outlook on Apple Mac

Open Outlook application on the Mac Click the Get Started button and then click Sign In. Enter your username followed by, click Next. Enter your password and then click Sign in button. Click Done on the privacy screen. Click Start using Outlook button. Click the Add ***** button