Install VPN Client

Installing VPN Client (Chrome, Edge, Image result for new firefox logoFirefox)

Instructions above are specifically for Microsoft Edge but steps for Chrome/Firefox are similar!

1. Visit

2. Login with your username and password and click 'Sign In' button.

3. Click Start beside Pulse Secure.

4. If this is your first time, click the Download button. Save and Run the file. Accept any prompts to switch applications. An installer will launch and let you know the Pulse Secure Application Launcher is installed.

6. [Chrome/Firefox] Back in your browser, click the 'HERE' hyperlink to launch the Pulse Secure Application. You may be prompted to switch apps, click Yes/Accept.

7. Click Yes at any/all prompts when the installer starts. You will get a few since this is a first time setup!

8. In the notification bar in the bottom right, you'll see the new VPN icon and after a few seconds it will show the up arrow indicating successful VPN connectivity.

Optionally, you can double click the icon and see more information and status. When you're ready, you can click "Disconnect"


NOTE: Next time you'll just need to follow steps 1 to 3. You may have to allow your browser to switch application. Look for the connection icon in the bottom right notification bar (step 8).