Turn off MAC Randomization

In iOS 14.1+ and Android 10+, a setting known as "MAC randomization" is on by default and can cause issues with Wi-Fi connection on a network like ours that uses multiple Access Points(APs).

The following subarticles will help your turn this setting off to fix issues such as constantly having to sign back into the guest network, or periods of network interruption while roaming between buildings. 

Turn off MAC Randomization - iPhone

Turn off MAC Randomization - Android

How it works: 

A MAC (media access control) address is the physical address of your phone. Every internet connected device has (at least) one, and it is unique to each device, like a fingerprint. While things like your IP address may change as you move from home to work to the coffee shop, your mac address stays the same. That is, unless you have MAC randomization on. MAC randomization helps with security by making your phone less easy to track, changing the MAC address to a random number every time your phone makes a new connection, making it much harder to track you as you move from network to network and back again. This is great in pubic setting and ensures your privacy, but does not work so well (yet) when it comes to our Wi-Fi network, where we have multiple devices to ensure greater coverage over a large area. In this case, every time you move from one end of a building to another your phone may change it's MAC address, which to our network looks like it is a different device. Due to security measures we have in place, this makes the device have to start the process of joining Wi-Fi all over again, causing interruptions while it signs back in, or in the case of the guest network asking you to go to the splash page site and agree to terms over again.

Is it safe to turn this off?:

In short, yes. This is an added security feature and you've been using Wi-Fi without it for years. The overall security concern that this setting addresses is third parties amassing data bound you your physical device address and selling it or tracking your usage patterns. Turning off this setting only effects the specific network you turn it off for, and while you are on Lynden Door Wi-Fi networks you are behind our company firewalls and don't have to worry about third-party tracking. It simply allows for better performance and will be more convenient for you as you move around the plant. We do not recommend turning this off on other networks unless you are familiar with their privacy policies, and unless you have more than one wireless access point in your home you probably won't get much benefit from it there.