Access Email Without Outlook Installed

OPTION 1 - Outlook Web App You can access your email from anywhere by going to http://outlook.office.com and logging in with your email and password. This will give you access to your email. However, some features may be missing on this web app! ------------------------- OPTION 2 - Windows Mail App 1. Search for Mail in Start Menu. Open the app. 2. Click Add account button. 3. Select Exchange from the list. 4. Enter your email address and click Next. 5. Enter you...

Add a Calendar to Outlook

1. Open Outlook. In the bottom left corner, click the Calendar icon. 2. Right click My Calendars in the left pane, select Add Calendar, and then click From Room List. NoteIn the next step your calendar may not be listed. In this case select From Address Book rather than From Room List. 3. Search for the calendar you're looking for. Double click the calendar in the search result and click OK button. In this example "IT Vacation Calendar" is being added. The calendar will now be ...

Adding or Changing Shared Calendar Permissions

NoteIn this example, we'll use ExampleCalendar@lyndendoor.com 1. Visit https://outlook.office365.com/calendar/ExampleCalendar@lyndendoor.com (https://outlook.office365.com/calendar/EDClassroom@lyndendoor.com), make sure to replace ExampleCalendar.lyndendoor.com address with the calendar you want to edit. 2. Click the Share button in the top right corner. 3. Enter the email address of the person with whom you're sharing the calendar with. 4. Provide the desired permission lev...

Forward Email as Attachment

- Select the email in Outlook - Under Home tab, select More Response Actions button. - Select Forward as Attachment

Install Office Updates

To check for Office updates, do the following: - Open Outlook. - Click on File. - Click on Office Account. - Click the Update Options button located on the right-side. - Click the Update Now option. (https://www.windowscentral.com/sites/wpcentral.com/files/styles/xlarge/public/field/image/2018/03/office-account-check-updates.jpg?itok=ifcOBFvi) Quick Tip: If you don't see the Update Now option, you may need to click Enable Updates first. After completing the steps, you can...

Not Receiving New Emails

Ensure your laptop/desktop is connected to the internet and it's working. 1. In Outlook, in the Send/Receive tab at the top, make sure Work Offline is not selected. 2. Check if you see "Connected to: Microsoft Exchange" in the bottom right corner. If you're connected, make sure there isn't an inbox rule that is catching and deleting/moving your new emails to a different folder.

Outlook Stuck on Startup

Problem: Outlook is stuck on the blue loading screen. Follow instructions below to fix this issue. 1. Close out of Outlook/loading screen. 2. Right-click the Start Menu and select Run. 3. In the Run window, type "outlook.com /safe" (without the quotes). Press OK. 4. Outlook will launch in Safe Mode. Once it loads, close out of it and open it again how you normally would. It should open without any problems this time.

Release Quarantined Emails

1. Visit https://protection.office.com/quarantine and login. 2. Select "Threat Management" and then "Review". 3. Select Quarantine. 4. Select the quarantined message from the list, you can click "Preview message" to view it before releasing it. 5. To release the message, select the "Release message" button, and then click "Release Message". Once released, the email will show up in your mailbox within a couple of minutes.

Sending a Fax Through Outlook

To send a Fax out of Outlook open a new message. In the To address field you will enter NAME@FAXNUMBER.fastfax.local (mailto:NAME@FAXNUMBER.fastfax.local) (i.e. paul@8473717702.fastfax.local (mailto:paul@8473717702.fastfax.local)). The name can be anything and you do not need to add a 1 to the Fax Number. Fill in the subject line and enter something into the Message body; this will act as your cover sheet. If you have images in your signature you will want to remove them as they will cause the ...

Setup Outlook


Signatures: User cannot access signatures in Outlook

1) Go to Settings 2) Select Apps 3) Select Apps & features 4) Then, uninstall Microsoft Office Desktop Apps. 5) Close Outlook and reopen it again. User should now be able to add a signature.

Troubleshoot Office Application

1. Click File in the top left corner of your Office application (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint). 2. Select Office Account on the left side. Click Update Options button and then click Update Now. 3. A popup window will be shown. Apply any updates, you may have to close Office applications for this. Once finished, restart your PC to check if the problem is fixed.

Turn Off Focused Inbox

Select View tab at the top. Click Show Focused Inbox to deselect it.

Turn Off Download Shared Folders

1. In Outlook, select File from the menu. 2. Click the Account Settings button, and then select Account Settings... 3. Select your account from the list and click the Change button. 4. Click More Settings button. 5. Under the Advanced tab, uncheck "Download shared folders" option and apply the settings. 6. Restart Outlook.

Turn On Automatic Email Reply

OPTION 1: OUTLOOK APP IN WINDOWS 1. Select File > Automatic Replies. 2. Select Send automatic replies. 3. Select Only send during this time range. 4. Choose the dates and times you'd like to set your automatic reply for. 5. Type in a message. 6. Select OK. ------------------------- OPTION 2: OUTLOOK WEB APP 1. Visit https://outlook.office.com (https://outlook.office.com/). 2. Sign in with your @lyndendoor.com user and password. 3. Select gear icon (settings) in the top right...

Turn On Email Forwarding

1. Visit https://outlook.office.com (https://outlook.office.com/). 2. Sign in with your @lyndendoor.com user and password. 3. Select gear icon (settings) in the top right corner and click View all Outlook Settings at the bottom. 4. Select Mail tab and then Forwarding. Once enable and set, click Save at the top.