Setup OneDrive

Follow the instructions below if OneDrive has not already been configured on your Windows device. 1. Select OneDrive in File Explorer on the left side. 2. Enter your email and click Sign in. 3. Select Next. 4. Click the arrow in the bottom right until you're on the last page of the instructions. Click the Open my OneDrive folder button. 5. OneDrive can now be accessed through the File Explorer. Tip

Accessing OneDrive From the Web

1. Visit 2. Login with your work user (ex. and password. You'll see your OneDrive files. Additionally, you can upload and create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly inside OneDrive. Click the "New" button to get started.

Backup Desktop, Documents, and Pictures Folders to OneDrive

1. Click the OneDrive application in the notification center in the bottom right corner. 2. Select More, then click Settings. 3. Under the Auto Save tab, click Update folders button. 4. Select the folders you would like to backup and click Start protection button.

Recovering Deleted Files From OneDrive

1. Visit 2. Login with your work user (ex. and password. 3. Click Recycle Bin on the left side to see your recently deleted files.

Restore a Previous Version of a File in OneDrive

Note: Versioning is only available for certain file types such as documents and spreadsheets. 1. Visit ( 2. Login with your work user (ex. and password. 3. Right click the file and select "Version history". 4. List of versions for the file will show up on the right side. Right click the one you would like to open/restore for more options.

Saving Files to OneDrive

From Office Application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) 1. Select File > Save As > OneDrive. 2. Select Enter file name here and type a name. 3. If you want to save to another folder, select Browse, and select the folder you want. 4. Select Save. The next time you open the Office app, you'll see your saved file in the Recent list. ------------------------- Saving Files Manually 1. Open File Explorer. 2. Select OneDrive on the left side. You can create files and folders and also co...

Sharing OneDrive Files

1. Right click a file in your OneDrive, select Share. 2. By default, only users within the company can access a shared file. To change this, you can click the button shown below to see more options. 3. Click Send when you're ready to share. Alternatively, you can click Copy Link button which you can send to anyone at anytime as long as they have the proper permissions set (Step 2).