Access the Alpha Test VAI System

OPTION 1 (Recommended) 1. Open "P:\PCSetup\Tools\Configure-Profile.exe" 2. Select "PLACE VAI (AlphaTST) SHORTCUT ON DESKTOP" button. 3. Launch VAI (alphatst) from the shortcut placed on the desktop. ------------------------- OPTION 2 1. Enter "\\dc-filesvr\Software\Testing\AlphaTst" (without the quotes) in your windows explorer address bar and press Enter. 2. Copy "S2K 5.5 AlphaTst System.WS" file and paste it in C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private. ...

Add VAI Shortcut to Desktop

If VAI is already installed, follow steps below to place a shortcut on your desktop to access VAI. 1. Open "P:\PCSetup\Tools\Configure-Profile.exe" 2. Select "Place VAI SHORTCUT ON DESKTOP" button. 3. Launch VAI from the shortcut placed on the desktop.

How to Update VAI

1: Go to"P:\PCSetup\Tools\" 2. Right-click "VAI Updater" and select Run as administrator. 3. Close VAI if prompted and then wait for installer to finish updating VAI. 4. Restart your PC once prompted to do so.

VAI: How to Change your VAI Password

Select Option 22 (Control Menu) > 104 (Change your Password). Then follow instructions in the link below. ( Changing VAI Passwords: Please follow the steps below to update your VAI password. In order to have VAI log in automatically, you need to change your VAI password to match your Windows password. 1) Option 22: Control Menu 2) Option 104: Change your Password Option 104...

VAI: Automatic Logon

1. If you haven't already, make sure your VAI password matches your Windows password.Visit the link below to set this if you haven't already. 2. Launch VAI, Click the Communication tab at the top and select Configure... 3. Click on Properties, click on the drop down menu under User ID signon information, select Use Windows username and password, no prompting. Click OK to save settings in both properties dialog boxe...

VAI is Not Working, I Need Access ASAP!

If VAI is not working on your PC for some reason and you need to get on it ASAP, you can use the shortcut below to launch it an alternative way. "P:\PCSetup\Tools\Alternative-VAI.exe"

VAI Logs in with Black Screen

If VAI logs in but only shows a black screen, make sure you're set to "Autoconnect." 1) Click on "Communcation" 2) Make sure "Autoconnect" is checked 3) Click on "Connect"


1. Search "odbc" in the Start menu and open "ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)". 2. Click Add button under the User DSN tab. 3. Select iSeries Access ODBC Driver from the list and click Finish. 4. Under the General tab, type "VAI" for "Data source name". Make sure "System" is set to "". 5. Click Connection Options button. Type in your ODBC username (ex. JohnS) and make sure the settings are set similar to the screenshot below. 6. Under the Server tab, type "R50Fi...

VAI Opens but Doesnt Show Screen

This is a common Windows issue when multiple monitors are connected. - Hover over the VAI icon in the task bar (1) - The VAI window(s) will show up above it (2) - Right click the window that is not showing up on your monitor and click Maximize (3). - This will bring that screen on one of your monitors. Any further instances of VAI you open again should show up fine.