Creating an Entry

The Entry page is where Operators can submit a pickup log to the server and is designed to be as quick and easy to use as possible.

Commonly used settings are chosen by default to speed up the section process. The Entry Page is designed to be used from top to bottom. Each section alters the valid options below it narrowing down options to only what is allowable which greatly speeds up the entry process.

Entry Page Overview

Ensure you're on the Entry page by clicking the Navigation button at the top left.

Overview of sections from top to bottom

  • Company section
  • Product section
  • Unit section is variable depending on the product selected.
    • It can display Bin#, Units, Yards, Gallons, Etc.
  • Destination section indicates where the Product is going.
  • Finally the Submission section displays the current settings. Clicking submit will post information to the server




The Products section displays products offered by the selected company. Some products may appeared greyed out if they are not offered by the selected company.

Long pressing for several seconds on a product will display its Product Images for visual reference.


Entry Settings and Submission

Entry fields display the current settings.

The Units Field (labeled as yards in the image) dynamically changes to the unit label each product uses. For example, it will display "Gallons" if the product is measured in Gallons. The Units field must have a value entered before submitting or you will get an error.

Clicking Submit will submit the entry to the server.