The application used to track units picked up from the main campus by Recycle Center operators. It can be found at


The Login page is a mostly blank page with a login button.

Clicking the button will bring up the login menu. Admins will use their SSO Credentials (see below). However, Operators have been provided credentials they will enter to log in.

Type in your Single Sign On Credentials then click "Sign In". SSO Credentials (also known as your Microsoft Active Directory Credentials) are the user name and password you use to log into your computer. The username is typically formatted as the initial of your first name and the first 7 characters of your last name. For example, "John Doorsman" would be formatted as "jdoorsma". The password is the one you chose when your computer was initially set up (or your most recent password if you've since changed it on the annual schedule). If you're unsure what your username and password may be, please contact the IT department.


Navigation Bar

The Navigation bar contains persistent elements accessible from any page.

  • Title
  • Username
    • If the user is an operator, they will need to pick a user name (see "Operators" below)
  • Page Links
  • High Contrast Setting
  • Logout Button

The currently Logged in User is displayed at the top right.


When a Operator logs in using the Generic Recycle Login (See below) the Operator must then select a user from the menu. If you hit cancel or escape, you will be prompted to select a user before you're able to submit any entries.

When logged in as an Operator, the user name is replaced with a button labeled "Recycle Center". Clicking this button will display the Select User menu allowing you to change user.

If you are an Operator and need the most recent Generic Recycle Login please ask your manager.

High Contrast Mode

This feature enables a viewing mode that changes the visual of elements such as buttons for visibility in direct sunlight. High Contrast Mode is on by default causing most elements to appear black and white and selection elements to appear yellow.

To change the setting, click the button with the sun icon.

Low Contrast mode causes most elements to appear blue and selection elements appear green. This mode is better suited for indoor viewing.