The Settings page is where Admins can make changes to add, edit or remove available options for users to pick from. For the sake of simplicity we will refer to Products, Bins, and Sorting Products as "elements".

From top to bottom an admin can:

  1. Create a new Product, Bin or Sorting Product
  2. Edit a Product
  3. Edit a Sorting Product
  4. Edit a Bin
  5. Add or Remove Operators

Creating a New Element

To create a new Element, click the corresponding button for the desired element type.

All three element create menus are very similar with only a few key differences. The Create New Product menu contains a special "Images" section which is for managing product images.

Like the process for creating other elements, you would start by entering a name, selecting settings if available, then clicking the Create button. The Create Product menu specifically has an Images feature which is explained below.

On The Create Product menu, you can add images by dragging and dropping images onto the box that says "DROP HERE" or by clicking "BROWSE". You can add single or multiple images at a time. Images are not required during product creation and can be uploaded later by editing the Product.

After your image(s) has been added, you will see the image name, size, and a red X button in the grey box image staging area. If you decided you want to cancel a particular image, you may click the red "X" cancel button to remove it from the staging area.


Editing Elements

To Edit a Product, click the product you wish to edit in the Products section. For example, we'll choose "Totes of Waste"

Below you can see the Edit Product Page which is similar to the Create Product page with a few minor differences.

Images that have already been uploaded can seen displayed to the right of the uploader box. Each image has its own "Delete" button. All element edit menus also have a delete button. In the case of the image below, it says "Delete Product".

After making any necessary changes, click "Save" to save your changes.

Operators List

The Operators List is a comma separated list of names that will appear in the Operator selection menu.

The only important thing to remember when adding or removing names is that you want a single comma between names. Remember to click the "Save User List" after making edits. If there are any mistakes, the software will try to correct them.

Adding Administrators

The application utilizes two user levels: user and administrator. To add user permissions, a team member familiar with that application should be contacted. If you are unable to locate a team member who can add permissions, please contact