View Entries

The Viewing Entries page is where users can view entries within the selected date range. By default, the date range is set to the current month. Operators can only view entries they themselves have made, while Admins can see all entries.

Overview from top to bottom

  • Date Range Selection (Between Dates)
  • Print and Download Buttons
  • Recycle Center Report Table

Date Range Selection (Between Dates)

The left box is the starting date and the right box is the end date. The date range values are inclusive.

The User can click the calendar icon inside a date box to change the date through a date selection calendar widget.

The Date Selection Widget allows you to quickly pick year, month and date. You will notice light grey dates are unselectable.

  1. Date selection grid
  2. Month selection arrows.
  3. Month and Year selection menu
  4. Choose today's date

The Month and Year selection menu allows you to quickly change the month and year. You can click on the grey year button to choose a year, then choose a month below.

Print and Download Buttons

Print Button

These buttons give quick access to features only available to admins.

Clicking Print will bring up the print dialog. Printing in this manner is useful if you want a quick report of the currently displayed table.

The print dialog may be different depending on your browser. If you need help with the print dialog, please refer to your browser's help section on printing.

Download Button

Pressing this button downloads a .csv file to your browsers download destination (by default the "Downloads" folder). This allows you to manipulate the data in a more powerful editor such as Excel. You can also Copy and Paste data from the Table into an editor such as Excel.

Note that printing and downloading both respect the current sorting and filtering settings (which are described below).

Recycle Center Report Table

The Recycle Center Report Table is where users can view, sort, filter, edit, and remove entries (Only Admins have access to remove entries).

The Columns of data points shown here are meant to be read like a sentence. For example:

User picked up units quantity yards of product on date at time from company and took it to destination.

The quick summary tool allows a user to view the average and sum of units from a selected range of entries. For example, By clicking on Units and dragging downward, three entries were selected. The Units Average appears as 3.1 and the Units Sum as 9.4 (as seen in the image below).

You do not necessarily have to select the units for summing and averaging. You can drag select any column and the units will still be averaged and summed.


Filtering and Sorting the Table.

You may often want to sort or filter the table to further narrow the visible entries. This can be achieved by leveraging the filtering menu by clicking the Down arrow button. You can filter by condition or filter by value.

All of the values in the selected column will appear in the selection section with blue check boxes next to them. Checked boxes are the currently visible items.

To filter entries containing a value, click the checkbox next to the desired value. For example, here we're filtering all users except "admin admin".

The dropdown arrow button will display green to show that the column is being filtered.


Sorting Alphanumerically

You can sort entries by any column values by ascending, descending, or default (which is by date and time). Click the column name once to sort by ascending. Click it again to sort by descending and once more to set it back to default.


Editing and Removing Entries

Most column values can be edited. To edit a value, simply double click the value and change the text then press the enter key.

For example we double click the product value "Dump Bins for this Entry and use backspace to erase the value.

We then enter the new value "Pallets.

After pressing the enter key, the save edits button appears. When we're done making our edits, we can click "Save Edits" to submit them to the server.


Before clicking "Save Edits", you can undo or redo edits by pressing the keys ctrl+z to undo or ctrl+shift+z to redo.

Removing a Row

Removing a row is a serious action and should only be taken if you know what you're doing. To that end, only admins are allowed to remove rows. All that being said, removing a row is surprisingly easy. Right click on a value anywhere on the row, and then left click on "Remove Row" button that appears.

You will then be met with a dialog asking if you're sure you would like to stage the record(s) for removal. You can in the same way remove multiple selected rows.

Clicking "OK" closes the dialog and will cause the "Save Edits" button to appear if it is not already visible. Clicking "Save Edits" will submit any changes to the table (both edits and removals).