Software Installation


Download and install the x64 version of Visual C++ Redistributable: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads ( ( Go to: Download the Windows 64-bit MSI installer (currently hosted at Install, "typical" settings and defaults are fine Go to Windows "ODBC Data Sources...

Install E-Catalog (CA)

Navigate to P:\AllianceDrives\Shared\E-Catalog\Install\CA in Windows Explorer. Follow instructions in the video below.

Install Microsoft Office 365

1. In your internet browser, visit 2. Sign in with your email address and click Next. 3. Once logged in, click Install Office in the top right corner. Select Office 365 apps from the drop down menu. 4. Save the file you're prompted to download and run it. Follow on screen instructions until office is installed and ready.

Install Zebra Designer v2

Follow instructions below to install Zebra Designer v2. Click HERE ( for instructions on how to setup a printer in Zebra Designer v2. ( via Gfycat (

Installing Spreadsheet Server For Security File Network enter - \\\private$\Accounting\General\PERMANENT\GSS

New Remote Installation - Windows 10

DO NOT SIGN IN WITH MICROSOFT ACCOUNT! CLICK 'DOMAIN JOIN INSTEAD' UNDER STEP 6! What you will need: - Just plug in the power, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and network cable (even if it is a laptop that will run on wireless) - Time The Process: 1. Windows will start loading when you turn on the PC. 2. Select your region (Canada or U.S.) and click Yes. 3. Select US keyboard layout and click Yes. 4. Click Skip when asked to add a second layout. 5. Select Set up for ...