Mitel - Block a Phone Number

1. Open Mitel Connect application on your device. There is likely a desktop shortcut placed already or you can search for it in the Windows Start Menu.


2. Click on your name and then click the Settings icon.


3. Click Call Routing, select Power Routing tab, and then click the Create New Power Rule button.

NoteIf you cant select Power Routing tab then under Mobile tab make sure to select "My device with Connect mobile client will not have a number associated with it" and click Save. This will unlock the Power Routing tab.


4. Enter a rule name, and click + number matches button. Then enter the number to block. Select Forward Call To button. Select "Select Number" field and enter "1111' (without the quotes) and click Create Rule.


5. Once rule is created. Click the in the top right corner to close the window in order to save the changes.