Download and install the x64 version of Visual C++ Redistributable: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads (

Go to:

Download the Windows 64-bit MSI installer (currently hosted at

Install, "typical" settings and defaults are fine

Go to Windows "ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)"

User DSN Tab, click Add

Select "MySQL ODBC Unicode Driver"


Connection Parameters:

Data Source Name may vary for the application.  Millwork-Net (Victory Millwork) uses "MW Net"

Description can be blank

TCP/IP Server: varies, Millwork-Net is ""

Port should remain 3306

User and password should be provided

Click Test, it should work and the database dropdown will populate

Database varies, often there is only one option other than information_schema.  Millwork-Net is "mwnet"



If someone later complains about excel acting strange, specifically something like "it says I have no visible tables"... this is an issue with how Microsoft Query identifies tables, and there's a simple fix