Switch / Open Apps With Different Program - Windows 11

Common Software Instructions

To get started, open the Settings app. You can do this quickly by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard. Or you can open Start, search “Settings,” and click the Settings app icon.


In Settings, click “Apps” in the sidebar, then select “Default Apps” in the list.

In Windows 11 Settings, click "Apps," then select "Default Apps."


In the search box below “Set defaults for applications,” type the name of the browser or app you’d like to make the default in Windows 11 (for example, “Firefox” or “Chrome.”) Then, click its name in the results below.

Search for the browser and click its name in the list.


You’ll see a list of file extensions (for this example it's extensions such as .HTM, .HTML, and .SHTML) that can potentially be associated with the browser. To change your default in Windows 11, you’ll need to click each one of these file types and select the application of your choice. To get started, click the app box just below the extension of your choice.

Click a file type association.


You’ll see a pop-up window that asks you how you want to open files of that type from now on. Select the app you want to use from the list, then click “OK.”

Click the browser name and select "OK."

Adobe Reader Instructions

1. Right click the pdf file and select Properties.

2. Under the General tab click the Change button.

3. Select Adobe Reader application and click OK.

4. Click the OK button to close the Properties dialog box.