Add Network Printer

Method 1 Open P: > PCSetup > Tools > Install-Printer.exe program and follow instructions in the video below. ( ------------------------- Method 2 1. Press Windows + R key or right click the Start Menu and click Run 2. A small window will popup, type in "\\dc-prtsvr1" (without the quotes) 3. Right click the printer you would like to connect to and click Connect... ...

Advanced Startup: Reset Device

1. Click the Advanced options button. 2. Click on Troubleshoot. 3. Click on Reset this PC option. 4. Select the Remove everything option. 5. Select local reinstall option. 6. Select Just remove my files option. Click the reset button and then wait for the device to reset.

Change or Set Default Printer

( Open "P:\PCSetup\Tools\Install-Printer.exe" and follow the steps in the video above. ------------------------- Manual Instructions 1. Click Start, open Settings. 2. Select Devices. On the left side, select Printers & scanners. 3. Make sure "Let Windows manage my default printer" option is unchecked. 4. Click the desired printer in the list and select Manage. 5. Cl...

Change Windows Password

Note: This will change your password for your Windows, email, Skype, and VPN. However, this doesn't change password for VAI. Follow instructions for changing VAI password HERE ( Password Complexity Requirement 1) The password must not contain your name or username. 2) Password must not be the same as the last 10 passwords. 3) The password must be at least 8 characters long. 4) The password must contains characters from t...

Check for Updates

WINDOWS UPDATES Check for updates now ------------------------- Follow instructions below if the button above does not open your settings page on Windows 10. 1. Go to Start menu and select Settings. 2. Select Update & Security. 3. Click Check for updates button and wait for Windows to download and install any required updates. ------------------------- DRIVER UPDATES 1. Click on the Start Menu and search for Dell Command Update. Open the application for the results. ...

Disable Sleep Mode

1. Click the Start Menu and then go to Settings. 2. Select System. 3. Under Power & Sleep menu, make sure PC is set to never sleep when plugged in.

Enter Safe Mode in Windows

( 1. Restart PC and click the Power button on the lock screen. 2. While holding SHIFT key, click Restart. 3. Once PC restarts and shows a blue screen, select Troubleshoot option. 4. Select Advanced Options. 5. Click See more recovery options. 6. Select Startup Settings. 7. Click Restart button. 8. On the screen with options, Press 5 to select Enable Safe Mode with Networkin...

File Explorer Freezing/Not Responding

Problem: Opening Windows File explorer freezes and you get a text on screen saying "working on it". 1. In Start Menu, search for "file explorer options" and open it from the results. 2. Under "Open File Explorer to:" option, select "This PC". Then click OK. 3. Close and reopen File Explorer it should work.

Forget Wi-Fi Connection

From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start > Settings icon > Network & Internet Tap or click Wi-Fi, then tap or click Manage known networks. Tap or click the appropriate Wi-Fi network name. Tap or click Forget.

How to Find Computer Name

Windows 10 Instructions - Right click the Start button in the bottom left corner. Select System. - Look for Device/Computer name field. ------------------------- Alternative Method ( 1. In the Start Menu (bottom left), search for "cmd" 2. Open Command Prompt from the result or select "cmd.exe" 3. In the DOS window, type "hostname" and press Enter 4. Your computer na...

How to Rearrange Multiple Displays

Click the button below to open settings, if it opens the Display Settings then proceed to step 5 Open Display Settings 1. Click the Start menu button in the bottom left corner 2. Select Settings (gear icon) 3. Select System 4. Select Display tab on the left side 5. Under the "Select and rearrange displays" section, drag and drop each display to rearrange them according to their physical layout on your desktop. Quick tip: If you're not sure which monitor you're selecti...

How to Use Remote Desktop

1. Click the Start Menu in the bottom left corner and search for "Remote Desktop Connection". Open the application found in the results. 2. Enter your computer name provided to you by IT and then click Connect. 3. Enter your password and click OK button. Note: Continue through any certificate warnings you may receive. 5. Remote desktop session will be established and you'll be logged in under your own username. Note: If you'd like to utilize multiple monitors for the...

Map a Network Drive

1. Navigate to the folder you would like to create a network drive for. 2. Right click the address bar, then select Copy. In this example, we will mapping "\\\fileshares\AllianceDrives\Shared" folder to the Z: drive letter. 3. Go to This PC in your file explorer's left side menu. Under Computer tab at the top, select Map network drive 4. Select an unused Drive letter and then paste the folder location you copied in Step 2. Check the box next to Reconnect at sign-in. ...

Network Folders Not Showing Up

If you only see Users2 folder on the P: drive or there are some folders missing, follow instructions below to turn off offline files feature in Windows. 1. Click the Start Menu in the bottom left corner, search for Control Panel and then open the app from the result. 2. Now first make sure to select “Large icons” from “View by:” drop-down on the top right corner of Control Panel. 3. Select Sync Center from the list of items. 4. Select Manage offline files from the menu on t...

Set Automatic DNS

1. Right click Start Menu and select Run or press Win + R key. 2. In the Run window, type "ncpa.cpl" (without the quotes) and click OK. 3. Right click the Wi-Fi adapter and select Properties. 4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and click Properties button. 5. Make sure Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected, click OK. 6. Click OK again to back out and save changes.

Switch / Open Apps With Different Program

Common Software Instructions (#common) Adobe Reader Instructions (#adobe) Common Software Instructions 1. Click Start, select Settings. 2. Select Apps category. 3. Select "Default apps" menu on the left 4. Here you can change the default apps for commonly used software such as internet browser, videos, and audio files. ------------------------- Adobe Reader Instructions (

Uninstall Intel Optane

1. Right-click the Start button (lower-left corner), and select Apps and Features on the pop-up menu. 2. Search "Optane" in the search box and uninstall all instances.

Using Administrator Credentials

When prompted to enter administrator password, type ".\LAPSAdmin" (without the quotes) for the username and the password provided by IT. This password is temporary and will expire soon.