Network Folders Not Showing Up

If you only see Users2 folder on the P: drive or there are some folders missing, follow instructions below to turn off offline files feature in Windows.


1. Click the Start Menu in the bottom left corner, search for Control Panel and then open the app from the result.

Search for Control Panel using the Windows Search


2. Now first make sure to select “Large icons” from “View by:” drop-down on the top right corner of Control Panel.


3. Select Sync Center from the list of items.


4. Select Manage offline files from the menu on the left side.

Click on Manage offline files from the left window pane under Sync Center


5. Click the Disable offline files button and click OK.


6. Restart your PC! The settings will not apply until your computer is rebooted.


Once restarted and logged back in, you will see all the network files and folders.