ILT Setup

This tutorial covers the topic of creating a course with ILTs to operate with Beyond SkyPrep's Auto-Enroll feature. The Auto-Enroll feature essentially enrolls newly created users into ILT timeslots that are automatically created every Friday at 3pm or whenever they are approved through the approval system.

Start by creating a course on the Skyprep website.

Then Click add Course content. You would add the number of ILTs for each class day that you want generated (I.e Day One, Day Two, etc)

Here we will name the first one "Wecome Class - Day One". Name formatting is not critical, however I recommend at least having the day number in the name.

We'll add Day Two...

And finally Day Three.

Your courses content should look something like this:

Onboarding Auto-Enroll Settings

With your course and ILTs setup properly, now log into Beyond Skyprep. Navigate to Admin Tools then click the Settings Icon. With the settings menu open, scroll down to Onboarding Auto-Enroll.

Our newly created Course ILTs should appear in this list. If they do not, You may need to wait 5 minutes and refresh to get the new list.

Next, select the corresponding ILT for each drop down Like in the image below.

You can 1 to 5 days selected (Monday through Friday). However you cannot have gaps between days (i.e skipping day two). If you need to remove an ILT from the selection, scroll to the bottom in the selection menu and choose "none".

Once you are done selecting your ILTs, Click the Save button and you're all set!