GCF Courses

Opens a window within the page to the GCF course menu. Users can pick a category from the top bar then choose from the lower the buttons a topic, subject, and tutorial to view. Selected topics, subjects, and tutorials have a flashing blue border. When a user completes a tutorial, it will turn green indicating its completion.

While viewing a tutorial, a user will see several elements at the top of the Tutorial Window:


  1. Previous: Access the preceding tutorial
  2. Tutorial Title: Displays the title of the current open tutorial
  3. Next: Access the next tutorial. (If the user is at the end of the current subject, they're presented with a dialog asking to either proceed to the next tutorial or open the GCF course menu.)
  4. Subjects: Open the GCF course menu.
  5. Exit: Return to main menu


A users’ progress in a tutorial is counted when the user scrolls near the bottom of a tutorial page. Tutorial Progress is saved to the Skyprep LMS for reporting purposes.

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