Beyond Skyprep has automated features to assist in reducing mundane and time consuming tasks. Aspects of these features can be modified under settings, but generally speaking they're set up to assist Employee Development Department in creating their onboarding schedule.

Automatic Emailing

Beyond Skyprep can send off emails twice per week to inform people of who will be attending onboarding classes and who has attended recent classes. These emails are called:

  • Onboarding Reminder email
  • Payroll email

Onboarding Reminder Email

This email is sent every Friday. The system scans for onboarding classes in the following week and builds a series of emails to send to supervisors (and others) regarding users whom will be attending those classes. Each supervisor who has a user attending onboarding receives a personalized email. Several other defined groups will receive emails as well. This is explained in the Email Groups section.

Payroll Email

This email is sent every Wednesday. The system scans for onboarding classes in the current week and builds an email to send to a specific person in payroll regarding users whom attended the classes this week. The purpose of the payroll receiving this email is so that attendees will be paid for the time they spent in onboarding classes.

Mail Groups

Mail groups are used in the Onboarding Reminder Email creation process. Mail groups are a group of emails whom are emailed if the student is in the associated department. This concept is explained in the graph below

All emails entered into the Default Email Group will be emailed the generic Onboarding Reminder Email.

Mail Groups can be created through the Create Mail Group menu. They require a name, company, department(s) selection and a list of comma separated emails.

Below is a filled out example for a group called "Recycle Center". The Company is Victory Millwork, the departments selected are Recycling and Scheduling, and the emails entered are, This means that every time a student is onboarded to either department Recycling or Scheduling, John and Jane door will receive the Generic Onboarding Email.

Mail Groups can be easily edited. Just make your changes then select Submit. Note that names cannot be changed.

If you need to remove a group no longer used, you can pick it from the delete mail group menu then click delete.


Onboarding Auto-Enroll

In the settings menu, you can change which ILTs users are enrolled into. This is useful if you wish to periodically change the ILT for recording purposes. One example may be to change the ILT name to include the current year.


Group Names

Group names need to be structured in a specific way for the automated system to parse the groups correctly for the software. Group names must be formatted as "Email-Department-Shift" with each element separated by a "-" (dash, hyphen or minus) character. The "Shift" element is optional, but is required if its a Swing Shift role. Can be "Day Shift" or "Swing Shift".

A few examples would be

  • Production - Swing Shift
  • Office
    • This will be assumed to be Day shift.
  • Shift

Spaces surrounding the dashes "-" do not matter.