Manager Tools

These tools help manage user requests to enroll in ILTs. There's also a Conversation tracker called "One on Ones" which is used to document different types of conversations had with an Employee.

Approve Requests

This dialog shows any pending requests by a managers employees to attend ILTs.


One on Ones

This tool is used for tracking one on one conversations with Employees. (This is not to replace H.R tools and procedures, but a supplement to the review process)

  • Create Conversation
    • Date
    • Employee Name
    • Conversation Type
      • A prepopulated list of types of conversations
    • Notes
    • Review Chart
      • This guide helps remind the manager of upcoming reviews. Clicking on a space adds a checkmark or removes one. Clicking the "Add" button adds another row of years.
  • View Conversion All conversations with a managers employees are displayed here.
    • On the left is the viewing panel where conversations can be viewed or deleted and the review chart
    • There are filters to the upper right of the window to assist finding the exact conversation
    • The print button collects the currently visible conversations and formats them to be printed. Using filters greatly assists in this process.

Quick Sync Calendar

This button will sync any previously synced calendar items updating any changes to the ILT roster.