The Calendar displays all ILTs on a month by month basis along with an ILT list on the right. All Users have access to the calendar. ILTs are displayed as blue buttons with a name, start time, and end time, inside the date boxes.

  1. Sync Calendar to Outlook Sync ILT schedule to Outlook Calendar. These can be filtered down to just the ones a user wants to view using the search bar or filters.
  2. Previous Month
  3. Current Month Title
  4. Next Month
  5. My Team
  6. My Enrolled
  7. Search Bar

In addition to the above, Managers and Admins can filter by "My Team" which shows ILTs that your employees are enrolled in. This works great in combination with syncing your calendar. Synced calendar items will show you who is in this ILT when selected on your Outlook Calendar.

ILT context menu

Clicking an ILT brings up the context menu:

  • Name
  • Time
  • Capacity (current students / max students)
  • Description


  • Enrolls in the class if the capacity has not been reached. If enrollee only has user level permissions, then a request to enroll is sent to their managers' Beyond Skyprep account, along with an email notifying their intention.

Admin buttons

  • Attendance
    • Opens the Attendance dialog. This menu displays all enrolled students in this ILT as toggleable buttons. Clicking or tapping (on a tablet) a button will register the user as having attended that ILT. Clicking or tapping a registered student will mark them as absent.
  • Link
    • Generates a link to an enrollment page for this ILT. This link can be shared with anyone, but requires being logged in to enroll.
  • ics Link
    • Generates a link to page that when visited will download an ICS file with the relevant information. ICS files are importable by various calendars allowing you to import the event onto the calendar of your choice.
      • The general use case is to include this link an a mass email to people you would want to join this event.
  • Edit
    • The Edit ILT menu is much the same as create ILT menu. You can change the description, location, instructor, capacity, date, start time and end time.
  • Delete
    • Displays a confirmation dialog giving the option to mark the ILT for deletion.
  • Employee List
    • If a manager or Admin has Employees of theirs enrolled in an ILT, their names will show up in the context menu.

ILT Color Coding

Color codes are shown to Admins and represent the state of an edited calendar that's pending save.

ILT buttons:

  • Blue
    • Normal and unchanged ILT
  • Green
    • New ILT
  • Yellow
    • ILT with pending changes
  • Red
    • ILT marked for deletion

If the calendar has pending changes, two buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen: Save and Cancel. Text will appear at the top of the calendar stating, "There are unsaved changes to the calendar." Clicking Save will submit changes and cancel will reset the calendar to its former state.

Calendar changes are stored between sessions as long as user stays logged in. However, logging out will delete calendar changes.


The Organization Chart shows the structure of groups within the Skyprep LMS.

When a user is first created, they're placed into a group based on the name of their supervisor or department. In the Org Chart, the hierarchy of groups are arranged by Supervisor email and department.

The Employee Chart button on the bottom bar will switch to a different perspective. The Employee Chart displays Employees under their managers. Some managers are over multiple departments, so there is no distinction of departments in this chart.